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Low Deductibles

Low Deductibles

Attractive Pricing

Attractive Pricing

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

12 Month Protection

12 Month Protection
(even after graduation)

Policy Features & Benefits

We offer a comprehensive Personal Property Insurance Plan available to college/university students, faculty and staff for the protection of personal and university property. Our plan protects against theft and accidental damage to electronic devices & personal property that may occur while at school, home or when studying abroad.

What We Cover:

  • Computers & laptops
  • Smartphones & tablets
  • School & rental property
  • Electronics
  • Clothes
  • Bicycles
  • Books
  • And much more!

What We Protect Against:

  • Theft & burglary
  • Fire
  • Accidental damage
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Vandalism
  • Electrical damage
  • Water damage

Should I Add Liability Coverage?

Personal Liability is available as an add-on to those who want it.

ID Theft Expense

ID Theft Expense coverage comes free with student property policies.

Fast & Friendly Claim Processing

Filing a claim is quick and easy with our 24/7 online claims service available from a mobile device or computer. Our dedicated in-house Gallagher claims team is also available by phone during normal business hours.

Hear what our customers are saying.

How We Compare to Homeowners or Renters Policies

  AJG College Student Insurance Standard HO or Renters Policy
Coverage Plan Insuring MOST All Causes of Loss Yes Maybe
Theft Yes Yes
Accidental Damage (Drops & Spills) Yes No
Deductible Amount $25 $500+ on standard HO
Identity Theft Expense Reimbursment Yes No
  AJG College Student Insurance Standard HO or Renters Policy
If liquid is spilled on my computer, will my policy cover the damage? Yes No
If I drop my computer and crack the screen, will it be covered? Yes No
If I study abroad during the school year, does the policy still cover my personal property? Yes Yes
If I borrow or use school equipment, will it be covered under my policy? Yes Maybe

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Excellent experience using College Student Insurance for a recent claim for my daughter. Very easy to deal with, prompt responses and quick approval or her claim. Highly recommend.

Jim E. 3/22/2019

I was very skeptical of renters insurance at first, but having to go through the claims process for a lost pair of expensive headphones changed my opinion. My claim was processed with a sense of urgency and I had no problems proving its validity. I highly recommend this!

Amar B. 10/11/2018

Just filed our first (and hopefully last) claim with CSI (much sooner than we would have expected). The process was easy and quickly taken care of. Completely impressed with their level of service.

Kerry G. 9/9/2018

CSI has been a great company to have a policy with. They are fast and efficient when handling claims, and very helpful.

Angelic B. 5/14/2018

Me and my family were so happy with their service. I damaged my computer and they covered the repair through my renter's insurance. They were easy to deal with and paid me for the repair soon after they got the estimate for the repair.

Catherine M. 1/25/2018

Highly recommend. Very quick and easy to work with, processing a claim. I sent in the receipt to have my son’s laptop fixed and the same day it was approved and a check sent.

Liz R. 1/10/2018

Don't go to college without it!! Policy covered an $800 computer repair when water was accidentally spilled in it, making it well worth it!

Michelle F. 8/8/2017

In the four years my son has had this insurance he has used it twice and both times the experience was quick and seamless. I will be purchasing this insurance for my other children when they are in college.

Danielle M. 11/27/2017

Great customer service and unbelievably fast claim turn-around. I would highly recommend CSI for students and their parents.

Howard B. 4/16/2016

Just filed a claim for a smartphone repair. Had a response within 24 hours and a check on its way! A pleasure to work with!

Lynne B. 8/18/2016

My daughter spilled coffee all over her Mac Book Pro and fried the mother board. Contacted the insurance company today and filed a claim with all the necessary documents. Just got email stating a check is in the mail. Great service!

Mark G. 2/8/2016

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