These are just some of the things actual customers have said on our Facebook page.

Excellent experience using College Student Insurance for a recent claim for my daughter. Very easy to deal with, prompt responses and quick approval or her claim. Highly recommend.

- Jim E. 3/22/2019

For all the parents out there thinking about purchasing renters insurance I fully recommend CSI. My son's laptop was damaged and CSI took care of us. Our claim adjuster was Shawna. I've worked with insurance companies before and she was probably the nicest, most efficient and professional person I've worked with. She took care of us. Thank you Shawna.

- Craig H. 11/19/2018

I would like to thank you and all the people that worked with us to file the claim. This company and the employees were wonderful and easy to deal with. Shawna was understanding and help me each step of the way. Not only did I receive the payment it came sooner then promised. I highly recommend this company and the employees. I have not only renewed this policy but have purchased an additional plan for our youngest daughter who just started college. Anyone who has someone in college should buy a plan. I will continue to recommend this company.

- Lorainne K. 10/31/2018

I was very skeptical of renters insurance at first, but having to go through the claims process for a lost pair of expensive headphones changed my opinion. My claim was processed with a sense of urgency and I had no problems proving its validity. I highly recommend this!

- Amar B. 10/11/2018

This is our third year using CSI and recently had to make a claim when my daughter's cellphone was stolen by a pickpocket while overseas. The claim process was very painless and we had a settlement within a day of providing the original receipt and police report. Thanks so much for the good service!

- Kerry D. 9/30/2018

Just filed our first (and hopefully last) claim with CSI (much sooner than we would have expected). The process was easy and quickly taken care of. Completely impressed with their level of service.

- Kerry G. 9/9/2018

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your services. It gave me peace of mind while my son was in college, and you came through when he did accidentally damage his computer. I have referred you to all my friends with college students. Thank you for being affordable and dependable.

- Whitney S. 7/9/2018

I have purchased CSI policies for both my college students. As with all insurance companies, you don't know how they really handle customer service until you file a claim. Unfortunately, I had to file a claim recently, and I was greatly impressed with the high quality and speed of service. In this day and age, it has become uncommon to see outstanding customer service, and CSI has shown that they care about their clients. Thank you for your great service. I would highly recommend CSI to all college students!

- Anna P. 6/26/2018

We have CSI policies for both of our college students. We recently filed our first claim for my daughter's cell phone (the screen was cracked). Beverly was very efficient with handling the claim and answering my questions. We are so happy we had the insurance to fall back on. So worth it!! Would definitely recommend to all college students.

- Susan B. 5/23/2018

I had to file a claim for my stolen camera this year, and this claim was processed very quickly. They were very easy to work with and sent the check to replace my camera in no time! I'm very thankful I have this insurance and would highly recommend it to other college students!

- Hannah F. 5/15/2018

CSI has been a great company to have a policy with. They are fast and efficient when handling claims, and very helpful.

- Angelic B. 5/14/2018

This is our first year with CSI & we are so happy we purchased it. We unfortunately had to file a claim for each of our boys (iPhone issues) this year. Both claims were handled promptly & efficiently. Beverly kept us up to speed with updated emails throughout the process. Claims were settled & a check was processed in less than 48 hours. It was a pleasure to work with Beverly on both claims! I highly recommend CSI to be added to all college students must have list for sure!

- Cindy C. 4/11/2018

All I can say is WOW!!! I bought policies for both my college age children this past year. My son lost his phone 10 days ago. The process to file the claim took 1 minute. It took 30 minutes to collect & submit supporting documents. I received verification of claim acceptance in less than 24 hours and less than 7 days later I have my claim check. Fantastic service. Thank you.

- Pat G. 2/12/2018

Me and my family were so happy with their service. I damaged my computer and they covered the repair through my renter's insurance. They were easy to deal with and paid me for the repair soon after they got the estimate for the repair.

- Catherine M. 1/25/2018

Highly recommend. Very quick and easy to work with, processing a claim. I sent in the receipt to have my son’s laptop fixed and the same day it was approved and a check sent.

- Liz R. 1/10/2018

In the four years my son has had this insurance he has used it twice and both times the experience was quick and seamless. I will be purchasing this insurance for my other children when they are in college.

- Danielle M. 11/27/2017

I have had this insurance for both my college kids. In the ~3 years that I have had them covered, they have each had to file one claim each ( was the standard iPhone falling and breaking). In both the situations, the claim was handled extremely promptly and was very convenient. I have recommended this to numerous friends and this is a must-have coverage for any college bound student!

- Sharad S. 11/22/2017

Don't go to college without it!! Policy covered an $800 computer repair when water was accidentally spilled in it, making it well worth the $132!

- Michelle F. 8/8/2017

My son recently dropped his laptop, resulting in a $475 bill from Apple to cover the damages. Bev at customer service was outstanding - processing the claim timely and easily. We received a decision for full repair coverage within several hours of sending in our paperwork. Thank you so much! Very affordable premium, and solid insurance.

- LeAnna S. 4/26/2017

What a pleasure to deal with CSI during a not so pleasurable situation. When my son's brand new MacBook fell and the screen needed to be repaired the claims process was easy, fast, efficient and friendly. Thank you CSI! I will be sure to spread the word to all of my friends with college kids.

- Linda G. 3/1/2017

Just want to say what a great experience it has been in dealing with the Arthur Gallagher College Insurance Company. They have been quick in response to our claim regarding Camera Equipment and made the process very seamless in getting reimbursed for a repair that was needed. I will definitely recommend this service to all our friends! Thanks again!

- Pamela G. 11/29/2016

Thank you to the great staff at CSI!! Both our daughters attend USC and this is the 5th year we have used their company for insurance. We have never had to file a claim until now and what we thought would be a daunting task was made easy by their great staff! Not to mention...QUICK! We appreciate their understanding of knowing what it's like for a student to be without their laptop during a busy time in the semester. Thank you CSI staff for your quick work!

- Donna S. 10/25/2016

In a campus skateboard accident, the laptop went flying, crash landing on cement and essentially destroyed. Beverly processed the claim quickly and fairly. We could not be more pleased. Beverly and her team and her company have our highest praise. The true test of an insurance policy occurs when a claim is submitted, and our experience was above expectations. You always hope your insurance coverage will actually provide protection as advertised, but you never know until you have that unforeseen loss. We highly recommend this policy and this company.

- Roy N. 10/24/2016

Just filed a claim for a smartphone repair. Had a response within 24 hours and a check on its way! A pleasure to work with!

- Lynne B. 8/18/2016

My daughter had this insurance all 4 years of college and we have been completely satisfied with the service we have received. She had 2 losses during that time and each claim was handled fairly and quickly! I absolutely recommend this insurance for anyone whose child is going to college!

- Stacy S. 7/29/2016

My phone was stolen from my backpack in a library on my college campus and thankfully my brilliant mother had the foresight to buy a College Student Insurance policy for me. Within hours of submitting the claim, they had already contacted me and walked me through the entire process. My claim settlement was for the full amount I paid for my phone and my experience was painless and dealt with quickly. I would greatly recommend College Student Insurance to my peers.

- Katie G. 6/27/2016

My son had liquid damage to his phone while traveling to Bali during his study abroad in Australia a week prior to returning to US. The process of getting a replacement phone when he returned was quick and painless! He had a great experience only having to complete some basic forms and submitting his receipts and they said the "check is in the mail!

- Susan M. 6/27/2016

Thanks for handling my son's very messy loss claim so efficiently, College Student Insurance! Your agent was very responsive and easy to work with. I am so happy that we decided to purchase this insurance for him this year.

- Bonnie L. 6/23/2016

Filed a claim for electrical damage and the turnaround time was fantastic, within a week I had a claim summary and well "the check is in the mail" Fast,Friendly, and very Efficient!

- Veronica K. 6/12/2016

Great customer service and unbelievably fast claim turn-around. I would highly recommend CSI for students and their parents.

- Howard B. 4/18/2016

This service is incredibly awesome and highly recommended! My Apple watch was stolen from my hotel and with all the proper documentation I got my settlement within 12 hours. This short response time was especially appreciated because it really helped ease the stress from having my watch stolen. Thank you College Student Insurance!

- Haley P. 3/8/2016

My daughter spilled coffee all over her Mac Book Pro and fried the mother board. Contacted the insurance company today and filed a claim with all the necessary documents. Just got email stating a check is in the mail. Great service!

- Mark G. 2/8/2016

Have had your insurance for our college kids and happy to say that we have only needed to use it once! A dropped phone with a broken screen was fixed at the site of the phone vendor and your company reimbursed us the cost. Pleasant and informative representatives made the entire process amazingly simple! Thank you for being there for us!

- Ruth S. 12/15/2015

My son was living in a co-op on campus this summer. He came home on a weekend. A big party took place at the co-op while he was away. When he returned, he found that about $700 worth of merchandise had been stolen. College Student Insurance was completely cooperative and reimbursed us for at least 95% of the goods in a timely fashion. The insurance is so worth it.

- Jacalyn S. 9/6/2015

I had a great experience with College Student Insurance. My car was broken into and stolen along with my violin, mandolin, many very expensive university library books, and a bunch of other stuff. The process was straightforward and Beverly was able to settle my claim very quickly. The check is on its way. Some of the stuff that was stolen had extreme sentimental value that can't really be replaced, but CSI has made a bad situation better. I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you live in a big city where crime is high.

- Maura C. 8/31/2015

I have recommended your service to many friends over the years, and now having gone through a claim, I can give you a 5 star rating for handling everything so professionally and efficiently!

- Suzanne T. 8/21/2015

Bravo!!!! You are the BEST insurance company I ever dealt with!!!! Easy to communicate with, honest, fast and just generally nice!!!! I will recommend you to everyone

- Bianca C. 11/12/2014

Great service! Extremely fast replies and a pleasure to work with. Saved me from a huge headache!

- Michael L. 9/27/2014

Amazing insurance. I got this thinking of theft, but within 2 weeks a coke got spilled on my son's laptop. Easy claim process, got the repair and reimbursement check is on its way, got the confirmation of that within 2 hours of faxing in the bill!

- Paula S. 9/20/2014

My daughter had accidental damage to her Macbook which wasn't covered by the Apple insurance plan. After submitting documentation to CSI, the claim was approved in a matter of hours. We purchased this insurance when she started college and will certainly maintain it throughout her college and graduate school years. The reviews we read which supported our enrollment were all accurate. I can't recommend this company and their service more.

- Ivan F. 7/1/2014

So glad to have purchased CSI Insurance. My daughter's bike got stolen at school, and CSI was able to recover the cost almost immediately. Within a day the claim was settled and our check is on its way. Thank you !

- Myriam C. 5/19/2014

Thank you for your FAST service! I don't think I have ever worked with another insurance company who handles claims as efficiently as yours does. Thank you so much for helping to get my sons laptop fixed quickly so that he is not without it at college. Every college student should have this insurance!

- Jennifer S. 3/17/2014

Great service prompt and responsive, glad I chose your company !! Would definitely recommend.

- James R. 3/17/2014

These folks bend over backwards to help. Every college student should have it.

- Sasha L. 3/6/2014

This insurance is the best decision I've made! My son's phone was stolen and they processed the claim promply! A must for all college students!!!

- Monica H. 3/5/2014

I was recommended College Student Insurance by a friend after his pleasant experience with them, and I am impressed! After breaking my laptop (an infrequent but very expensive occurrence) the claim was easy to file and the customer support very helpful! A+++ experience.

- Elizabeth D. 2/19/2014

I've had this insurance for four years throughout college. Sadly I have had multiple claims for both lost and damaged computers and cell phones. Each time I have made a claim CSI has been wonderful and easy to submit claims and they processed them quickly! I am so glad I purchased this insurance. Only wish I could find something this good for after my college years! Thank you CSI!

- Pat H. 2/18/2014

Having sold commercial insurance, I am familiar with companies that sell coverage and happily accept premium payments, but look every which way when a claim comes in and they may need to make a payment out. My son had his bike stolen on the last day of the semester when he went in for his last exam. We submitted the claim, and tho we could not find the receipt for the purchase, we were given other options to document the ownership of his bike. The settlement proposal came in within 24 hours of us providing all the documentation requested (only 3 items) and it was more than fair and as we had recently been shopping for a replacement, we knew the replacement cost the settlement was based on was extremely accurate. So yea! for this company and I would encourage parents to purchase the coverage to protect musical instruments, bikes, computers etc. while they are at college.

- Lois C. 1/23/2014

Best Insurance ever. very easy and fast claim process.

- Shahin S. 1/16/2014

In three years as customers, insuring two different students, we have had occasion to file two claims with CSI. On both occasions our experiences with this company have been outstanding. We appreciate their courtesy and quick response.

- Sherra K. 12/10/2013

One of the fastest insurance claim turnarounds I have seen. One day to process and just a couple of weeks to send the check. Thanks to Cinde for a great job.

- Sal F. 11/18/2013

We were very happy about CSI service. Our daughter who is a college freshman lost her I Phone 5 just 2 months after buying it. CSI settled the claim just 1 day after submitting all the paper work. We strongly recommend purchasing CSI insurance if you any child studying in the college. Insurance premium is affordable and comes with a very low deductible and protects valuable assets.

- Gopal B. 11/16/2013

Three boys, 2 in college and one graduated. Thank goodness for CSI. Fast, clear communication on claims. They make working with them easy and pleasant. Wish more companies offered this kind of customer service!

- Krys T. 11/4/2013

Very Happy with CSI. Water damaged phone. They are sending check for the cost to replace the phone. Awesome.

- Gary P. 10/8/2013

This insurance has been well worth the premiums. We have had this for my daughter since she started college 3 years ago and we added a policy for my son starting college this year. We have made 3 claims and each one has been handled extremely quickly and with great customer service. I would highly recommend this insurance for any parent sending a child off to college!

- Terri C. 9/13/2013

Great customer service after our son lost everything he owned in a fire. Highly recommend for anyone who has a kid in college

- Scott S. 9/12/2013

I have just renewed our College Student Insurance for the 8th year. We have one son that went through UCLA and needed it when the screen on his laptop was damaged and this is our second sons senior year at UCSC. Just before school ended last semester, his video camera was taken from his home. This insurance is the best investment in the world. It costs almost nothing for the school year, and if something does happen to your student's belongings, they are quick, efficient, and ready to help. We love College Student Insurance and would highly recommend it for all college students! Thank you CSI!!!

- Corrine D. 9/9/2013

The BEST college student insurance company EVER! :)

- Patti L. 8/27/2013

We have just had to make a claim for property damaged while overseas. CSI were incredible to deal with. The communication and quick responses were second to none. I will definitely be renewing again with them.

- Sue W. 8/23/2013

If you have a child heading to college, this is a great policy. They WILL lose stuff or have it stolen/damaged! It paid for itself several times over the first year we bought it.

- Michelle S. 8/15/2013

Don't rely on your Homeowners Insurance with high deductibles to protect your college students belongings. All college students are eligible whether they live at home or abroad, as long as they are enrolled in a college course. If you already have it, don't forget to renew for another year.

- David L. 8/12/2013

This is the best insurance ever!!! I have such peace of mind knowing my kid's possessions are covered if something happens. My son just had a break in to his apt. He felt very violated but the blow wasn't as difficult because we knew we had insurance to help him recover the things that were so important to him. Every parent should have this kind of peace of mind. Well worth the investment!

- Jane M. 7/19/2013

Thanks CSI, My son got pushed in the pool with his IPhone and thanks to you it was covered!

- Debbi R. 7/19/2013

Thank you! I had water damage on my macbook air-- 500 dollars to fix. CSI refunded me quickly and painlessly. Wonderful!

- Elizabeth M. 7/8/2013

Highly recommended. CSI quickly and adequately settled the claim for both my laptop and bike after an accident with a car. I seriously can't imagine what would have happened without this service. Every college student should have CSI. Consider me a loyal customer!

- Cam K. 6/6/2013

If you are a college student you need to have CSI. Within 20 hours of starting the claim for damage to my son's laptop, it was settled. It is well worth the expense and it is something I recommend to all my friends. Thanks Cindie for being so great. You made life easier during a very stressful time. We are loyal CSI customers as long as he is in college.

- Shelley F. 5/2/2013

CSI is definitely worth having if you are a college student! Thank you Beverly for your professional and fast response to our situation. Extremely happy with the service.

- Robbie R. 4/25/2013

I am extremely impressed with the service provided. I purchased the insurance for my son's rather expensive laptop for school, hoping to never have to use it. Well, it got stolen from his school classroom! It has been incredibly stressful for all involved especially with him being so far away and me feeling helpless. Add onto that the delay in getting the incident reports from the local police department! Once I got all of my paperwork together, the CSI claims service was incredibly fast. Quick email responses back and forth from Cinde from CSI and within 24 hours, we received a settlement that will be processed in another day! I highly recommend any parent sending a son or daughter off to college to purchase this insurance. You will NOT be disappointed. Hopefully you won’t need to place a claim, but believe me, the cost is small when compared to the grief one has to go through to replace stolen or damaged items. This is one insurance your kid shouldn’t leave home without. Renew it EVERY year!

- Joe S. 4/17/2013

I seriously recommend CSI! We had $10,000 worth of film equipment stolen, and we had our claim settled in less than a week! Amazing service - thank you CSI.

- Kaliya W. 4/11/2013

My son's iPhone 4S was stolen from his lounge in his dorm and we had a check within 2 1/2 weeks for total replacement cost. (and we had chosen a low deductible). Very easy to deal with and the agents were prompt, efficient and helpful. Thank you, CSI!

- Dianna N. 4/6/2013

I just wanted to say that after my daughter's iphone was stolen out of her purse, I was able to resolve and get restitution from CSI within 2 weeks of the loss. This is a wonderful insurance for students who have a lot of expensive technology products!

- Nancy S. 4/2/2013

Highly recommend CSI! I initial purchased the insurance for ALL of my sons electronic devices, appliances and his expensive shoe collection. So when he lost his retainers I filed a claim not expecting those to be covered but to my surprise they were covered. I cannot tell you how relived I am that we purchased this insurance. The claim was approved within 24 hours of submitting the required documentation. Whenever a loss occurs it causes stress. I can honestly say that CSI (and Cinde) made this process extremely easy. Thank you for providing affordable, hassle-free, professional and efficient insurance. Needless to say, I will definitely renew this policy every year and tell all parents of college bound students about CSI.

- Kimberly J. 4/2/2013