Identity Theft Coverage Details

  • We will pay up to $5,000 for identity fraud expenses that are reasonably and necessarily incurred by the insured because of an unlawful act by other than the insured, or any relative of the insured, of knowingly transferring or using, without authority, the insured's means of identity.
  • Identity fraud expense means:
    • costs of notarizing affidavits or similar documents or sending certified mail to law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, credit agencies or similar entities;
    • re-application loan fees due to original application rejection because of incorrect credit information;
    • telephone calls made to resolve the issue;
    • earnings lost by the insured in order to resolve the issue; or
    • reasonable attorney fees, with prior notice and approval by us, the insured must pay, in order to resolve the issue;
    • reasonable professional service fees from a fraud specialist, with prior approval by us, in order to resolve the issue.


Identity theft coverage is only available for policies with U.S. addresses and phone numbers. Existing, qualifying policy holders may log into Policy Center to obtain coverage.