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News about College Student Insurance

College Student Insurance from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (formerly CSI Insurance Agency, Inc.) and Allianz, leaders in providing student property insurance, teamed up to create a property insurance plan especially for students living away from their parent's home, either on or off campus, called Student Personal Property Protector Plus®.

1/22/2015   FBI Warns of Scams Targeting University Students and Staff

"The FBI recently released warnings about widespread scams targeting University Students and Staff." Read More

8/6/2014   Is There Anything Else I Can Worry About?

"A report published by FEMA, using U.S. Fire Administration's Fire Incident Reporting System indicates that nearly 3,800 university housing fires occur each year in the United States." Read More

FEMA Campus Fire Safety

"For most students, the last fire safety training they recieved was in grade school. It is important that both on-campus and off-campus students understand fire risks..." Read More

3/1/2014   CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. Joins Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

"CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. is pleased to announce we have joined the leading provider of Insurance and Risk Management Services to the Higher Education Community and from now on will be recognized as: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co." Read More

Here's What Parents Should Know

"The most important thing parents need to know is that students are fully responsible for the safety of their own property. Schools specifically spell out in their housing contracts and other publications that they are not responsible for loss or damage to student property. Not only are schools not responsible for the student's personal property, but students are actually responsible for school property entrusted to their care." Read More

9/5/2012   A.M. Best Interview with John Carr and Yubi Alvarez (audio)

John Carr and Yubi Alvarez are interviewed by A.M. Best about why College Students should consider Property Coverage when they go to school.

9/14/2010   College Campuses Specifically Targeted by Thieves

"According to Allison Southwick of the Better Business Bureau, "Identity thieves don't care if you're a struggling student and don't have a penny to your name; sometimes all they want is to exploit your clean credit record. Young adults that establish good habits for monitoring and detecting fraud are laying a path that will help create a healthy financial road for the rest of their lives."" Read More

6/21/2010   Stretch Your College $$$ with CSI

"College students and their families are feeling the serious pinch of today's tight economics. In order to compensate for the double-punch that unemployment and weak investments have dealt their parents and the trickledown effect that has made finding jobs themselves increasingly difficult, college students need to stretch their dollars more than ever. How do they do this in the face of rising tuition and mandatory electronics like laptops and cell phones?" Read More

8 Tips To Avoid Spring Break Disaster

"Government and insurance experts offer students simple tips to help protect themselves and their belongings, such as valuable electronics and jewelry, while off campus or away from home during spring break." Read More

First Lesson of the Semester: How Do You Protect Life in a Backpack?

"Despite all the obvious attraction of portability; it has decided disadvantages too. Envelope-sized computers and pocket-sized phones and music devices are easier to take with you; but they are easier to take from you too." Read More


"CSI Insurance Agency and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company teamed up to award $25,000 grant donation to the fire department to fund the initiative."

12/10/2007   When It Comes To Holiday Gifts for College Students, Does Your Insurance Policy Sound a lot Like: "Bah Humbug?"

"If you are like the majority of Americans in a recent study you may not fully understand how typical property insurance policies handle damage or theft of your child's most prized possession." Read More


"CSI Insurance Agency Inc. and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company awarded the Union Fire Company No. 1 a grant of $11,220 for life-saving rescue equipment that will help firefighters do their jobs safely and more efficiently - helping to make the community a safer place to live and work. CSI and Fireman's Fund learned about the fire department's need from Lincoln University."

9/10/2006   Baltimore Sun, Eileen Ambrose

"'...even if a student is covered under a homeowner's policy, check the limits. Often policies cover electronics or jewelry only up to $2,500, which might not be enough for the entire family,' says Carolyn Gorman, a spokeswoman with the Insurance Information Institute. 'Parents might need to buy additional coverage.'" Read More

9/4/2006   LA Times, Kathy Kristof

"'Getting insurance to cover your stuff is generally not at the top of the list for the typical college freshman,' said Candysse Miller, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Network of California, which represents insurers. 'But if you think about what you bring into a dorm room these days - computers, stereo systems, cellphones, iPods and tons of other stuff - you realize you've got thousands of dollars at stake.'" Read More

KABC Los Angeles, Ric Romero

"USC student Evan Giordano does most of his school work on his computer so when he came back to his fraternity house room one day and found his laptop sitting in water, he knew he had trouble." Read More

9/22/2002   The New York Times, James Schembari

"If your child's computer or stereo is damaged or stolen, who will he call to have it replaced? And, what, you're going to say no?" Read More
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