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Stretch your College $$$ with CSI

Alpharetta, Georgia (June 21, 2010) College students and their families are feeling the serious pinch of today's tight economics. In order to compensate for the double-punch that unemployment and weak investments have dealt their parents and the trickledown effect that has made finding jobs themselves increasingly difficult, college students need to stretch their dollars more than ever. How do they do this in the face of rising tuition and mandatory electronics like laptops and cell phones? The key is to avoid wasting any of their hard earned money. One simple way students can do this is to add student personal property insurance to their "packing list".

CSI Insurance specializes in protecting student personal property with insurance broad enough to handle real campus situations at very affordable prices. Student Personal Property Protector Plus® gives students and their families the security they really need to protect the investments they make in both modern college essentials and traditional possessions whether they live on or off campus, or are studying abroad. Most students are able to receive $5,000 in coverage for less than $130 and a $25 deductible.

Still, many students will enter their dorms, apartments, fraternity/sorority houses, even study abroad programs, without protecting the thousands of dollars worth of possessions they depend on academically and personally. Even those who consider the high cost of outfitting kids for college often mistakenly believe that their parents' homeowners insurance will cover these items if they are stolen or damaged at school. Students and their families may believe that the homeowners' insurance on their primary residence adequately covers the student's property. Yet, the typical deductible on a homeowner's policy often exceeds the cost of a student's computer, MP3 player, cell phone, etc.

In order to avoid the wasted time, money, and worry that comes with having your laptop, bike, or other belongings damaged or stolen, students and parents throughout the nation and around the world trust CSI.

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