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The New York Times, James Schembari

"If your child’s computer or stereo is damaged or stolen, who will he call to have it replaced? And, what, you’re going to say no?

The federal Education Department reported that about 35,500 property crimes were committed on college campuses in 2000, the latest year for which figures are available. John P. Carr, president of CSI Insurance Agency, a company in Roswell, GA, that specializes in student insurance said there are about 1800 fires a year in college living quarters.

Some experts caution that using your policy to protect your child can be dangerous to your insurance record. They also note that the deductibles on homeowner’s policies is often relatively high, say $1000, and that many student losses will fall below it.

Coverage is also available through many colleges, using insurers that specialize in student insurance. This can be very inexpensive. Tom E. Ellett, executive director for housing and residence life at New York University, said its policies are offered through CSI.

'It can happen to anybody…It’s very important to have property insurance.'"

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