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Welcome Gallagher Student Customers!

Gallagher Student now offers you an exclusive personal property insurance plan to meet your needs.

Gallagher and Allianz offer insurance designed specifically for college students, faculty and staff. It costs less than the cost of a homeowner's deductible, and offers an affordable, no-hassle and convenient way to protect your computer, iPod, cellphone, clothes and much more!

Colleges and Universities are not responsible for damage to or theft of student personal property. Most schools strongly encourage students and parents to consider purchasing coverage such as that offered by Gallagher and Allianz.

Coverage applies on or off campus, whether you reside in a residence hall, at home, or in an apartment.

As a special offer to Gallagher Student customers, we will automatically include our $5,000 Identity Theft Expense coverage endorsement with your personal property insurance order, at no cost to you.

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All quoted property premiums are annual, for replacement cost value world-wide coverage.
Avg Policy 35¢ / Day!
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Low Deductibles
  • Lowest Premiums
  • Replacement Value
NO Depreciation!
Add Liability Coverage!
Liability insurance is available for those who want it when ordering your Property policy.
Compare to Homeowners
  • Lower Deductible
  • Primary Coverage
  • Accidental Damage